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6 250,00 /st


Artikelnamn: Precisionsvåg SJ-620CE 620g x 0,01g
Artnr: LW31106
Artikelnamn: Precisionsvåg SJ-4200CE 4200g x 0,1g
Artnr: LW31112
Artikelnamn: Precisionsvåg SJ-6200CE 6200g x 0,1g
Artnr: LW31114
Artikelnamn: Precisionsvåg SJ-12CE 1200g x 1g
Artnr: LW31116

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Precisionsvåg i 4 olika varianter med stålvågplatta

Välj imellan dessa modeller:

SJ-620CE     620g x 0,01g

SJ-4200CE  4200g x 0,1g

SJ-6200CE  6200g x 0,1g

SJ-12KCE   1200g x 1g


Capacities 620, 4200 or 12000 g with resolution up to 1/62000.
Platform in stainless steel. 620 g = Ø 140 mm. 4200 -> 12000 g = 180x160 mm.
External calibration.
Clear 16,5 mm high LCD display.
Selectable modes (weight, unit count and percentage).
Selectable weighing units (g, ct). Carat (ct) not available in 12000 g.
Comparator function for checking if a load is too heavy, too light or the right weight according to selected weight limits.
Bar graph display to indicate the current weight against the capacity.
Tuning-fork sensor realizes high performance, solid noise resistance, rapid response and a steady display with little flickering.
Energy saving design and simple structure of tuning-fork sensor result in excellent long-term stability and outstanding durability

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