Libra 7080

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Artikelnamn: Libra 7080
Artnr: DA2522

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Libra 7080i received optimistic criticism from its outstanding features like protection IP rating, one meter shock resistance, its strong endurance design and automatic sleep and wake-up function which saves power and extends a product’s life. The wall mount feature also provides friendly installation for any suitable placement and is specially devised for retail space and from its contemporary design.
This powerful scanner has 6 directional scan fields, with dense 24 scan lines pattern, equipped with superior 2000 scans/second and support combo interface for easily only a cable change. For added flexibility, the scanning head can be tilted forward and backward within a 102° range to accommodate objects of various sizes and shapes. Libra’s elegant outlook provided outstanding quality in design and conventional retail requiremen


Physical Characteristics:Depth: 97.71 mm , Width: 94 mm,
Height: 161.51 mm
Power: DC input to scanner: 5V DC,
250mA Power
output: 1.25 Watt @ +5 V DC
Interfaces: RS232, KBW, USB
(HID and COM port emulation).
Power USB (optional)
Depth of field: 650 nm visible laser diode up to
250 mm @ 0.33mm /13mil, 90% PCS
(Performance may be impacted by bar code
quality and environmental conditions)
Scan pattern: 6 direction scan fields,
24 lines scan pattern
Scan rate: 2000 scans/sec
Tilted: 22° forward or 80° backward
Light level: Max 4000 LUX
Barcode types: Automatically discriminates all standard
1D bar codes include GS1 databar,
family; Omnidirectional,
Stacked; Omnidirectional,
Expanded; Expanded.
Stacked; Truncated and Limited
Operating Temp.:0°C – 40°C
Storage Temp.: – 20°C – 60°C
Humidity: 20% ~ 95% RH (non – condensing dew)
Laser Safety: IEC 825-1 (2001) Class I, U.S.
CDRH: 21CFR1040 Class II a.
Electrical Safety: EN60950 second edition


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